Day 30 / The route is the goal

Day 30 Challenge EN

Yes, you made it!

30 days packed with new tasks and challenges are behind you. We hope you liked it. And more so, we hope you are proud of yourself! That these tasks and challenges are your new way of life and nutrition should be a permanent part of your life.

And should you not have integrated all the recommendations into your everyday life, please don’t worry. No reason to feel any less proud of yourself. After all, this challenge was never some kind of a diet or a program that leaves alone after the last day. on the contrary! It is only now that is really starting for you. Take the handout and the Vitality Tracker as your guide and you will find the way that fits you perfectly.

One final task for today:

Task 30

Reward yourself, and it doesn’t matter how!

Do whatever you want to do, as long as you feel comfortable with the reward. It should fully fit you because only then will it trigger the best feelings in you.

There is no such case as right or wrong, nor good or bad.

Trust your guts and do it. Because YOU deserve it because YOU are worth it.

Our wish for you at the end.

Just continue as you have done so far. Don’t concentrate on measuring, weighing or counting. Concentrate on you, your joy and your happiness. Always keep that in mind.

A final consideration to give you along your journey.

It is important to know that, during these 30 days, you have experienced a touch of “The Vitality Effect”. It is something that everyone can obtain and benefit from. Enriched lives, regardless of age, abilities, living conditions or belief system. To practice a kind of life that gives more freedom, to get to know oneself so much better or to heal the body and maintain good health.

Holistic vitality is the optimal interaction between body, mind and soul. Remeber that we asked you the very simple question “how much are you willing to receive”? Please know, that if you are willing to receive yourself as the centre of nutrition, motion, mind and creativity your vitality will give you a sustainable life full of growth, perseverance, liberation and fulfilment in return. That’s “The Vitality Effect”!

We are glad you were there and to joined us. We’d like to say thank you and wish you all the best for the future.

Heike and Richard


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Heike Freudenberger

Heike Freudenberger

“Ich glaube an eine Welt in der Frauen in den besten Jahren ihren Weg gehen und dabei Freude und Genuss in den Mittelpunkt stellen.”