Day 29 Challenge EN

“How much are you willing to receive?” was the question that ran like the red thread thru this challenge, and is the foundation and inspiration behind our program ‘The Vitality Effect.’

The last weeks you have gone through the motions towards your way to a better vitality. What we have understood that all of you faced each segment (nutrition, movement/motion, creativity and mind) on their own particular way. Logically some of them were easier than others.

There were the tips and suggestions regarding health-enhancing nutrition, such as cutting down meat consumption, sugar alternatives and replacing ‘cow-milk’ for more the more powerful plant-based alternatives. Some of you noticed how easy natural movements/motion is, and picked up running and cycling again for years. Others were so ‘conditioned’ that their creativity flow was completely gone. Yet most of you had a hard time with empowering mind tasks. F.i the task of day 3, the anchor, was one where many of you needed some time. Yet the hardest one (and according to the received emails, also the most rewarding one!) was by far for most of you day 13, the relationship with yourself.

We started this challenge by noticing that vitality is when someone is full of live, energetic and feels very healthy. Needless to say that such state of being doesn’t come just with some kind of special diet, hard fitness program or magic spell from Harry Potter. This state of being comes solely from you, your wish to be yourself and….your willingness to receive.

Today’s task is to establish a lasting memory and a reminder for yourself. Find yourself a cosy and quiet place and realize what you have done these last weeks. Then open your vitality tracker and write down all the progress you have made, things you have changed, new habits you developed and new vision on life you have. Once done find yourself a mirror and repeat day 13 to yourself again. And this time do it with full of joy!

Task 29

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Heike Freudenberger

Heike Freudenberger

“Ich glaube an eine Welt in der Frauen in den besten Jahren ihren Weg gehen und dabei Freude und Genuss in den Mittelpunkt stellen.”