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The Vitality Effect consists of 4 natural segments that work together as a unit to enrich us with infinite vitality. In the meantime, there are already 3 areas that have been implemented in recent weeks, namely nutrition, exercise and spirit. Today last but not least time for number four – creativity!

Today you get an impression why your creativity is so important and makes an important contribution to your vitality.

When we talk about creativity, we often hear impressive names like Rembrandt, Mozart, Steve Jobs, Dior, etc… just to name a few. Although creativity is closely linked to art, it exists in all levels of society, from kindergarten to the ISS (Int’l Space Station!). In short, creativity is about originality, creation, inventiveness, flexibility, etc…. “But what does this have to do with your vitality?” That’s a very good question.

In general, we think that we are most creative when we are in a relaxed state. Although this is true, it is a bit more nuanced. Because the best, most inspiring and most powerful ideas come when we are relaxed, yet just when we have been very busy before.

Growth, development and fulfilment are important for our own values and our place in society. Creativity plays a very important role and is, therefore, an integral part of the Vitality Effect.

Here are five reasons why creativity is important for you and your vitality:

1. Create self-confidence
Creating something with your own hands increase self-confidence. Especially when people around you react with enthusiasm to your work, you get a very satisfied feeling.

2. Problem-solving ability
People who are enthusiastic and focused on what they like doing often get spontaneously ideas while working. They gradually learn to make different, unknown decisions with different combinations. The well-known ‘Out of the Box’ thinking.

3. Improvement of motoric skills
By compulsively but concentrated work with different tasks and different materials, engaged to improve motoric skills.

4. Concentration
Concentration and focus if you relax, in a quiet environment and enjoy what you are doing, then you are concentrated. The more often you can work calmly and concentrated on a project, the longer you can hold out. Your focus improves and your concentration curve becomes longer.

5. Joy
Above all, the joy of what you do is important! Society expects so much from us and that is stressful. Express yourself, try things out and make mistakes! This is what we learn most from. Be yourself for a moment, with your own thoughts, in your own rhythm, with your own creations, that is what makes us all happy.

How can you put your creativity into action? Very simple…..

Exercise 1: Drink a lot
This advice comes from brain research. Drink plenty of water! Check out day four of the Challenge and the Vitality Tracker to see how much you drink.

Exercise 2: Move
Put on your shoes and jacket and go for a walk, ride a bicycle or jog a little. Give your body the chance to get rid of excess energy, recharge and relax. See days 7 and 17 of the Challenge.

Exercise 3: Concentration
Increase your concentration. You will also find lots of exercises on the Internet that will help you to activate both hemispheres of your brain. Clearly, we are doing far too little.

Exercise 4: Nadi shodhana pranayama pranayama
This is a yoga breathing exercise to calm the body and mind, breathing in and out alternately through the left and right nostrils. Unconsciously we often breathe more through one nostril than through the other, so that our energy is not optimal. With this exercise, you harmonize your logical brain with your artistic brain.
Close your eyes and close your right nostril with your right thumb. Breathe in through the left nostril in 3 counts.
Close the left nostril with the fingers of your right hand and exhale in 3 steps through the right nostril.
Breathe in through your right nostril and count to three in your mind, then exhale through the left nostril and count to three again. Repeat this cycle (3 – 5 times).

Let your creativity run free, enjoy the performance and above all yourself. You are beautiful, valuable and loved because you are yourself!

Practice for today:

Task 28

Exercises 1 and 2 have already become part of your day. Look for a simple exercise to activate both hemispheres of your brain and use the breathing exercise e.g. during mediation or if you want to do it for a short time.

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Heike Freudenberger

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