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In the last weeks, you have received so many food-related ideas, tips, suggestions and tasks that it could be overwhelming.

It is not easy to process and implement such an amount of information. “What should be integrated into everyday life when, how and to what extent?” Many small steps lead in the long run to a large result. And a change of diet is a process and should never be about prohibitions, it should be about convictions and should remain permanent.

Today we will let all information of the last weeks flow together so you are able to get an impression, how optimal nutrition looks like.

What exactly is an optimal diet?

From a holistic point of view, an optimal diet consists of foods that are really suitable for people. These should always be of good quality, little industrially processed as possible and freshly prepared. The diet is wheat-free, milk-free and meat-free.

Optimal diet gives our body everything it needs. Makes you better when you are ill and keeps you permanently healthy when you are healthy.

Healthy food for an optimal diet

  • Fruit and vegetables (preferably organic quality and eat raw as often as possible)
  • salad (and other green leafy vegetables – spinach, kale, chard…)
  • Wild herbs and algae
  • Nuts, seeds and sowings
  • Whole grain products (spelt, rye, barley)
  • Oils (high quality and vegetable)
  • Water and Herbal Tea
  • Crystal salt or rock salt

What should be avoided with an optimal diet? And what are the alternatives?

  • industrially produced bakery and pasta products (bread, cakes, pastries etc.)bread from the organic shop is the best choice, but the “good” baker next door always has good spelt or buckwheat bread on offer. From our own experience, we can say that these varieties are much more digestible. Just ask your baker for a wheat-free alternative
  • milk and dairy products (it is better to choose a herbal alternative – oat milk, almond milk…)
  • sugar and sweeteners (prefer alternative sweeteners or sweeten with dried fruits)
  • nibbles (chips, crackers, biscuits, etc.) can be surprisingly well and deliciously prepared by yourself. Check out here.
  • ready meals (especially those with many additives) – Decide for fresh cooking
  • bad fats and oils (read again the article of fats and oils)
  • fish, meat and sausages from conventional agriculture – choose organic products
  • sodium chloride (too strongly industrially processed) – choose good rock salt
  • alcohol and caffeine (reas again the article luxury food)

By the way, notice we say “to avoid” and not “forbidden” because, as with everything, the same applies here: quantities make it poison.

Loss and renunciation

Now you may be wondering how you should consider all these “measures” and how you should ever get along without meat, milk or cheese.

From my own experience, I can honestly tell you that it really doesn’t mean any loss of something, but it is a really clean habit and comfort in many things. We haven’t changed everything at once, thou gradually grown into nutrition and still do today.

Yet there was certainly renouncement for a few things. However I had to accept this and now I must do without my arthritis, heartburn, pollen and food allergies, skin impurities, sleep disturbances and some of my clothes. Simply because they became too big for me. All I can say is: “I am so happy to do without that”.

What do you gain with an optimal diet?

  • energy
  • decisiveness
  • attractiveness
  • feeling sexy
  • increased libido
  • clear mind
  • creativity
  • vitality

So actually, in the end, everything you were looking for when you decided to participate with the Vitality Challenge.

Task 27Note:

No matter whether there is a birthday, party or Christmas party. There’s always an occasion, in which your new habit fits well. So? Just enjoy these days, eat and drink what you feel like and don’t forbid yourself anything. Your new habit should never give you a feeling of incarceration, frustration and depression It should give you liberation, freedom and happiness. Enjoy it!

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