Day 11 / Reduce meat consumption

Day 11 Challenge EN

Today is literally about the sausage. Or better said, meat.

We want to sensitize you a little. Yet under no circumstances we want to bother you with any prohibitions or pedantic fingers for that matter. Meat is a delicate subject with as many opiones as there are people. We will not talk about any ethical or moral aspect, and the topic of environmental protection will also be left out of the discussion.

Meat and health

Sufficient studies have shown that the high consumption of meat is one of the reasons for many modern civilization- & lifestyle diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, arthrosis, potency problems, etc.

Meat products often transmit dangerous pathogens, which is reported and warned about in the media.
The antibiotics used in mass livestock farming are of course also found in meat and they are then consumed in our bodies, which can lead to the known antibiotic resistance.

These are only a few aspects, which we would like to give to consider along your journey. Simply because the decision to eat a holistic, healthy and vital diet does include the consideration of such aspects also.

But is absolutely not about giving up eating meat completely, unless YOU decide to do so of course. What is about is that it should be possible for you just to reduce meat consumption a little.

Many people eat meat every day. If it is also the case with you, then the task for today can become a real challenge for you.

Task 11
Reduce your meat consumption and avoid meat or sausage with at least 1 – 2 times a week.

The less meat you eat, the more you help your body.

Like many modern athletes we also do without meat and sausage in our daily diet ourselves. Not to make us any stronger, faster or such, just because it makes us feel so much better. But please don’t think for moment that we live purely vegan or vegetarian. There are occasions, although more rarely every day, when we also decide to eat a piece of meat.

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Heike Freudenberger

Heike Freudenberger

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