30 Days Vitality Challenge

Gallery image Day 22

Day 22 / Replace Milk

Milk your diet, Beyond Nutrition, Who doesn’t know these sayings, because for a long time they were (and are) advertising slogans of the dairy industry.

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Gallery image Day 21

Day 21 / Small Reward

Super. You are still here. Wow, three weeks have already passed. Awesome! And, how do you feel? Were the individual tasks easy for you, and

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Gallery image Day 20

Day 20 / Protein Supply

When I give you the keyword ‘protein’, what is the first thing that comes to mind? To me personally, the muscle-bound bodybuilders come into my

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Gallery image Day 19

Day 19 / Stress Management

Are you having difficulties to keep focussed and concentrated? Recognize moments of chaotic during a day and somehow easily distracted? Do you feel somehow quickly

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Gallery image Day 18

Day 18 / Sleep

Today will be an easy and chill one for you. Probably you just got up and it’s all about sleeping. And that is todays topic

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